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Business Model Information:

- Give a projection of the volumes you expect to receive each month for the next six months (specify currency).

- Give a full description of the items sold or services provided.

- Specify the average dispatch and delivery timeframes for the items sold.

- Do you post from inventory or drop-ship?
- What percentage of items sold are drop-shipped? / What percentage of items sold are held in stock?

- Provide a copy of any invoices from your suppliers for the merchandise sold in March and covering $15,000.00 USD of March sales. An invoice is an original bill of sale referencing where you purchased or acquired the items you are selling along with the name and phone number of your supplier. *Note: We can't accept Pro Forma invoices as valid unless accompanied by proof of payment.

- How many orders are currently outstanding (haven't been shipped yet)?

- Provide details of any other sales venues you use (physical store/showroom, website...etc.)

- Provide a reason for the recent change in merchandise; do you plan to continue selling these items?

- Please provide tracking numbers/proof of delivery for the following transactions received into your PayPal account:
********** 11/03
********** 07/03
********** 24/02
********** 24/02
********** 19/02

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