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  1. RATman

    Ploutus ATM ( need )

    I can sell it for you dear , let me know yur interest Jabber gladi87@jabber.org
  2. i can help in giving a slot on exploit kit , let me know your budget
  3. 4000 a day, 120,000 A month Yes, Its Possible. Mass Mailing Service redefined. For $ 150, I Shall: - Setup Mass Mailing Servers including- 1. IP Rotation -rDNS 2. 3. SPF- 4. 100% Inbox Guaranteed 5. IP Reputation System 6. SMTP Rotation 7. Provide you 2100 Million WorldWide Email Leads [itself costs $ 200 +, CAN google if you Wish] Payment in BTC only. Contact : PM me here (message on site only) proof Click this bar to view the full image.
  4. Plasma HTTP Bot allows you to remotely manage computers, known as bots, via a web panel. The main goal is PlasmaHTTP crypto currency production, and provides a powerful, effective and best miner. PlasmaHTTP also compatible launch DDoS attacks, removal of anti-virus software, and killing malicious software. Plasma HTTP Bot Crypto exchange Miner Plasma may HTTP mountain cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, protoshares and Bitcoin on your bots. You can use a custom miner (eg, CPUMiner and jhProtominer) with your custom parametrami.Shahter completely hidden, and will be pumped in the event of termination. Features: -Can Mine scrypt crypto currency on the CPU or GPU, and Protoshares. -Support Custom miners (CPUMiner, jhProtoMiner, Ufasoft) Custom setting miner -Prevents Windows hibernation mode -Ubit All other miners using Bot Killer -NOT DROPPER: Implements Miner files (Undetected) -Persistent ( pumped in case of termination) -Miner Files are stored on the hard disk is encrypted with a unique key Screen shot below Цена стоить 100 $ Bitcoins To contact message here
  5. RATman

    [Продам] Загрузки

    I would like to give a vouch for this service
  6. RATman

    Идей для софта

    i have already coded a brutforcer i will be selling it soon
  7. RATman

    единоразово продам пак юса

    What is the current price of this project?
  8. What is your current offer man ?